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Welcome to Alix Art, Illustration & DESIGN -Visual Design is all around us in our ever-increasing modern life. I believe design is something that touches everyone’s lives on a day-to-day basis whether it’s realized or not. Using colors text and psychology to create moods and communicate ideas in a way that can illustrate an idea and influence the world is what good design & illustration means to me.  From our never-ending feeds, social apps, our road signs, our newspapers, cereal boxes, our books and even the news that we watch, information design communicates our reality to us in many ways and is a part of our everyday life. This is why visual and graphic design is so important to communication and the dissemination of ideas.  

Digital media creator, artist, illustrator and professional graphic artist for over a decade with work published on Greeting Cards, Puzzles and more. Using digital media & fine art tools, Alixandra has created a wide variety of digital media projects & mixed media art pieces ranging from cover art, logos, clothing, art for greeting cards, art for puzzles, and canvas art sold world-wide. Professional Commerical Portfolio for Alixandra Mullins featuring Visual Art, Graphics, Vector Illustration, Hand Illustration, Graphic Design, Marketing, Cover Art, Layout, Visual Communication & More!  

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