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More Info coming soon on my Photoshop & Photography Classes.  




Considering taking one of Alix's Photoshop classes?

Here's some information regarding them. These classes are offered through Cabrillo Extension and other online learning platforms.


Created as an introduction to the Digital Darkroom for students with an interest in taking their digital photography to the next level. This is a Live Video Zoom class for students to begin learning Photoshop workflow.  Instructor will demonstrate Photoshop & Lightroom, techniques through Screen Sharing (live Demo inside of  Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom) and afterwards, students can apply the techniques to their own photographs, organize and edit their photographs and also get help through the share screen feature or post their own work after they apply the visual effects. 

Students will get an introduction to organizing their images in Adobe Lightroom, basic exposures in Lightroom and  an introduction to using Photoshop to apply cool and exciting visual effects to their digital photographs. Emphasis will be on Photoshop image effects, retouching, and integrating Lightroom workflow with Photoshop. Students will be able to apply these effects to their own photographs, or download (example photographs from the instructor to use). It is recommended that Students have a folder of images from a Digital Camera uploaded onto their individual computers at home so that Students can work with Photograhpic image subjects of their choice.
Class 1: Students will learn how to import their photographs (a folder of photos) and organize their work into the Adobe Lightroom Catalog within the Lightroom Library tab.  Students will get an intro-tour of the Lightroom Interface and learn how to Flag/Rate an image inside Lightroom. Students will get a basic intro to the Developer Tab inside of Lightroom and learn how to do basic Digital Darkroom Adjustments such as Exposure/ Contrast etc within Lightroom. Students will learn how to open an image into Photoshop from Lightroom. Students will learn how to jump easily between Lightroom & Photoshop while working on their digital photographs. How to open /save digital images & export within Lightroom. 

Class 2:  Continue with covering the basics of the library tab & intro to the Develop tab inside of Lightroom. Students will get an intro tour of Photoshop  (Menus, floating palettes, tool bar etc). Students learn about using the Layers palette inside of Photoshop,  Students will learn how to use basic Image Adjustment Layers inside of Photoshop, to modify exposure, curves, colors & more inside of Photoshop.

Class 3: Students will learn how to apply Art Filters, such as watercolor, ink-outlines, colored pencil & more to images to make their photographs look like  fine art media paintings. Students will learn about additional filters inside of Photoshop, such as the Blur, Tree & Fire filters and how to apply them.     

Class 4: Students will learn how to Paint inside of Photoshop. Students will learn how to paint on top of a photograph with various brushes. Students will learn how to access the Painting Workspace and Brush controls. Students will learn how to control size/shape etc of paintbrushes.  Students will learn about "Blend Modes" and Layer Opacity in relation to painting. Students will Learn about how to use the Mixer Brush directly on a Photograph to add fine art touches.

Class 5: Students will learn how to retouch / repair damaged photographs (remove unwanted image elements) inside of Adobe Photoshop. Students will learn the basics of retouching (Such as fixing a torn, old photograph or removing a skin flaw). Students may repair one of their own damaged photographs or use one of the Instructor's example photographs

Class 6: Students will  Students will learn how to control and fine tune  Adjustment Layers inside of Photoshop, to modify exposure, curves, colors & more inside of Photoshop. Students will learn about controlling their Adjustment layers with a paintbrush and paint on masking techniques. 

Please note: Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom subscription is needed for this class, must be purchased separately



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