Resource Page:  Intro to Adobe Illustrator Workshop taught by Alixandra Mullins

Useful online links / tutorials compilation


Step 1: GRAB YOUR DEMO FILE FOR THE CLASS AT THIS SHARED GOOGLE LINK (preferably before) the workshop:


Please Note: above image files are Copyright protected and may only be used as part of Illustrator Workshop taught by Alixandra Mullins, they may not be shared or re-distributed in any form without explicit written permission by author/creator Alixandra Mullins


Class 1:  intro, basics, selection tool, moving, colors, styles, strokes, patterns 

Fun videos of work done in Illustrator

What can Adobe Illustrator do: Link1

What can Adobe Illustrator do: Link2

Live video Demo / Lecture 

concepts: Getting around the workspace in Adobe Illustrator

VIDEO: getting around the workspace

VIDEO same concept different day

concepts: Selection Tool  (how to select objects, how to move or rotate objects using the selection tool

VIDEO Selection Tool

concepts: Setting colors, fills / strokes / color libraries

VIDEO: VIDEO: Working with color


Level1: Class 2: strokes, brushes, painting, paintbrush, smoothing/accurate , shapes

Level1 : Class 3: altering shapes, altering anchor points, moving points, handles, curves, customizing shapes / paths 


What can Adobe Illustrator do: Link3








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