Thankyou for visiting this webpage.

Here you shall find free large format graphics SIGNS FOR CLIMATE PROTEST  / CLIMATE STRIKES that you may download for FREE and PRINT at your own cost.


By downloading these graphics using the below Google Drive link, you are agreeing to a non-commercial usage license which allows for you to print and display these graphics and signs for personal use at environmental climate protest / strike events. These images/signs may not be sold on any related merchandise or products they are strictly for use at climate events or to promote climate related action. They MAY NOT BE licensed without explicit written permission. You have permission to download these signs for free and put the digital file on a USB & send to printer / print at home. 

It is asked by the artist that you do NOT print the signs onto plastic or vinyl if possible and that you try to use eco-friendly material when possible. 

The poster size files are sized 18x24, for large color printing, if you print out a large size, use wood in a cros beam where you nail the pieces of wood together and a wood stapler/or nails to attach your printed sign. 


Please feel free to share this web page so that anyone who is seeking a FREE SIGN for USE at a CLIMATE STRIKE PROTEST may have access to them. 


This the LINK where you may download design files for use as climate posters for free. Thanks for helping fight climate change, you are appreciated! 




Graphic Artist's Note: I will be adding more graphics as I can to the Google Drive for use at Climate Related Strikes around the world. Please get in touch with me using the contact button if you have ideas / words / concepts for communication related graphics on this issue.