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Digital Darkroom Photo Camp

The class works best if you have Lightroom Classic desktop version & Photoshop CC 2020 installed and ready to go on the SAME computer that you have your Class Video Zoom window open on the SAME COMPUTER SYSTEM !  The instructor can help you troubleshoot if your are running the Adobe software on the SAME system as the class.  It is HIGHLY recommended that you have the Zoom Meeting open on the same computer system as you plan to work.


For the first class; you can use your own folder of photographs on your computer, OR you can access a folder of images at this Google Drive Link.

(Download at least 10 of the images) here.



Class 1: Getting Your Photographs into the Computer.

- Opening Lightroom, Creating a Catalog in Lightroom.

- IMPORTING and using the LIBRARY TAB,

- uploading your Camera Flash Card.

- Basic Intro to Lightroom - viewing your images inside of Lightroom

Making choices on which images to keep and rating them

Lightroom's DEVELOP TAB

Basic exposure settings

Exporting your images in different file formats (JPEGs) OR sending your work to Photoshop for further editing.


Class 2: Getting started in Photoshop, intro to Photoshop interface

Menus, Toolbar, Floating Palette's. Getting to Photoshop from Lightroom (& back) workflow

opening / saving (file formats)

Starting with Adjustments

Controlling Adjustments


Class 3: