Resource Page for Design Your Own Fabric  ( with Adobe Illustrator) - Useful online links / tutorials compilation

What can Adobe Illustrator do: Link1

What can Adobe Illustrator do: Link2

What can Adobe Illustrator do: Link3





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useful web page step by step tutorials

Written tutorial seamless patterns

repeating pattern illustrator

Redbubble tutorial seamless repeats


Video Tutorial for creating Seamless Patterns the old fashioned way    Click Here


Video Tutorial for creating Seamless Patterns using the pattern tool

Click Here   


Video Tutorial - How to use the Pattern Tool in Adobe Illustrator   Click Here


Video Tutorial for Specifically for exporting a Swatch to Spoonflower:   click here


Places which produce Fabric / Pattern repeats  (Print & Sell your own Fabric Designs)

RedBubble: Print & Sell your own Leggings, Scarves or Duvet Covers Click Here For Redbubble


Contrado - See Link


Interesting tutorial related to Mandala, Patterns on Youtube:

Geometric Polar Vortex Tools Useful for Patterns

Lace Mandala Tutorials useful for Patterns